Spoil You Rotten

by Father



"Who's Gonna Get F****** First?" Arrives this Winter

Produced by Father / Mixed by John Wade


To my bimma'

[Hook: Father]
Never seen a girl
Who hypnotize like you
Who walk like you
Who talk the way you do
Lately I've been plottin'
To slip you out those cottons
You want it girl you got it
I just want to spoil you rotten


[Bridge: Father]
Quit fuckin' around and let's fuck around
I just want to spoil you rotten
Quit fuckin' around and let's fuck around
I just want to spoil you rotten
Take the melancholy mix it with Moët
Make it rain make her get more wet
Take my chain rep my set
Give her something that she won't forget

[Verse: Father]
Awful fall but niggas wanna' stay hot
Bonfire with they friends oo-fire, oo-fire
Say they gettin' to these ends
You liar you liar
Circle jerkin holdin' hands
Kumbaya kumbaya
Oo-mama why you hangin' wit this Bumbaclot
Come and kick with your boy baby I got room for ya'
Who got the keys to my bimma
Who get you wetter than the keys in September (please remember)

[Hook: Father]

[Bridge: Father]

[Verse: Father]
She fuck with me cause I'm sure to shine [x2]
What's yours is yours and whats yours is mine [x2]
I'm bright as hell like the Florida sun
You mad as hell you can't afford me huh?
That girl there she ignored you huh?
Take it out on me cause she adore me huh?
Oh my god oh my god
Baby I'm too drunk to drive
Won't you let me come inside
She try make me cum inside
Sayin' shit like
Make me numb inside
And I don't know what I did
Drank too much rum and I died

[Hook: Father]


released November 25, 2014




Father Atlanta, Georgia

Father, also known as Fatheraintshit, is an American producer & recording artist from Atlanta, GA and founder of Atlanta independent label Awful Records.

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